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Sukhmani Enterprises is proud to present you with an enchanting world of gems and jewelry. Based in the city of Jaipur in north-western India, we bring you the best amalgamation of sterling silver and exotic and natural colored gemstones. Our intricate and ornate styles of sterling silver jewelry consisting of products such as silver bracelets, silver earrings, silver necklaces, silver earrings, silver pendants and more will surely fascinate you. Our jewelry is an expression of art, manufactured using high quality gemstones and is handcrafted to perfection. We as jewelry manufacturers offer 925 sterling silver jewelry, men`s jewelry, women`s jewelry, Silver Jewelry with gemstones such as Amethyst, Pearls, Turquoise, Emerald, Topaz, Druzy, Lapis and many more. We do Custom Jewelry as well. We invite all to come and explore the alluring world of 925 sterling silver jewelry with us.
Silver Jewelry
Silver Jewelry
Wholesale Lots
Wholesale Lots
Our product range of Indian silver jewelry includes 925 silver jewelry, silver bracelets, silver earrings, silver necklaces, silver pendants, silver rings, silver sets.  Jewelry with Amethyst, Pearls, Turquoise, Topaz, Peridot, Garnet, Citrine, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Agate, Jasper, Onyx, Tourmaline, Cubic Zirconia, Kyanite, Lapis, Druzy, Rutile, Iolite, Rainbow Moonstone, Labradorite, Malachite, Dichroic Glass, Biwa Pearl, Fossil, Ammonite, Shells, Tiger eye, Rhodonite, Rose quartz, Lemon Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Crystal, Unakite, Prehnite, Dendrite Opal.  We manufacture handcrafted jewelry, filigree jewelry, designer and traditional jewelry, semi precious gemstone jewelry and more.
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Silver Bracelets
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Silver Necklaces
Silver Pendants
Silver Rings
Silver Sets
Tiger eye
(P17TE6710) Rainbow Moonstone
(pt - 6882 A) Labradorite
(pt - 6811 C) Smoky Quartz
(R18PERSQ2800) Amethyst
(br - 5814) Obsidian
(gt - 8979) Garnet
(E18GAR4796) Black Onyx
(er - 4946 C) Rose Quartz
(pt - 6892 A 1) Rainbow Moonstone
(P17RM6703) Chrysocolla
(P17CC6704) Rose Quartz
(st - 1082 A) Garnet
(R18GAR2784) Semi precious gemstones
(R18MCS2795) Semi precious gemstones
(E18MCS4821) Ruby Quartz
(B18REQ5803) Azurite
(B18AZU5802) Emerald quartz
(br - 5856 E) Rose Quartz
(ne - 8934 B) Garnet
(R18GAR2781) Imperial Jasper
(G19IJ2932) Amethyst
(pt - 6751 B) Green Amethyst
(E19GA4791) Citrine, Garnet
(B17CITGAR5866G) Tiger eye
(B17TE5856F) Dendrite Agate
(pt - 6780 D) Ruby
(B18RUB5795) Labrodorite
(B18LAB5808) Druzy
(E19GDRU4788) Citrine
(ri - 2808) Rose Quartz
(S20ROQ1020) Rainbow Moonstone
(E18RMS4797) Iron Tiger
(G19ITR2931) Lemon Quartz
(R18LQPER2801) Rutilated Quartz
(P17RUQ6701) Lapis lazuli
(S20LAP1025) Mosiac Jasper
(pt - 6778 C) Carnelian
(pt - 6728 E) Apatite
(E18AMBA4822) Druzy
(gt - 8941) Brecciated Mookaite
(P17BMJ6706) Turquoise
(R19TUR2912) Amethyst
(pt - 6792 A) Rhodonite
(R19RHO2912) Rose Quartz
(pt - 6728 D) Labradorite
(R18LABRMS2790) Labradorite
(P18LAB6720) Black Onyx
(pt - 6776 A) Azurite Malachite
(pt - 6737) Lapis Lazuli
(ri - 2805 A) Rose Quartz
(P17ROQ6712) Bronzite
(R18BRZ2737) Smoky Quartz
(R18SQ2766) Malachite
(B18MA5862) Green Onyx
(er - 4835 E) Lemon Quartz
(pt - 6716 C) Garnet
(pt - 6751 A) Lapis lazuli
(S20LAP1023) Peridot
(E18PER4818) Blue Topaz
(R18BTSQ2792) Turquoise
(pt - 6763 G) Silver
(E18PS4825) Amethyst
(R18AM2776) Amethyst
(B19AM5778) Opal
(R19PIOP2748) Amethyst
(pt - 6729 A) Peridot
(R18PER2785) Larimar
(B18LAR5801) Amethyst
(pt - 6746 B) Smoky Quartz
(ri - 2813) Dendrite Agate
(pt - 6882 L) Fluorite
(gt - 8940) Turquoise
(E18TUR4799) Rose Quartz
(er - 4830) Prehnite
(pt - 6780 E) Smoky quartz
(pt - 6745 A) Citrine
(R18CIT2781) Nephrite Jade
(gt - 8942) Green Onyx
(br - 5856 D) Smoky Quartz
(E18CLASQ4816) Black ONYX
(S20BO1027) Larimar
(B18BPLAR5796) Chrysocolla
(pt - 6742) Prehnite
(P17PR6705) Peridot
(E18PER4808) Ruby Zoisite
(R19RZ2912) Labradorite
(ne - 8933) Atlantisite
(G19ATL2930) Garnet
(R18GAR2782) Quartz Crystal
(ri - 2826 B) Citrine
(R18CIT2785) Bumble Bee Jasper
(gt - 8950) Bronzite
(pt - 6763 D) Blue Topaz
(R18BT2786) Prehnite
(pt - 6765 C) Citrine
(pt - 6748 A) Lemon Quartz
(pt - 6736) Quartz Crystal
(ri - 2810) Blue Lace Agate
(pt - 6809 F) Blue Lace Agate
(pt - 6740) Smoky Quartz
(E18SQ4819) Bronzite
(pt - 6738) Ruby
(E18CRTRUB4822) Amethyst
(R18AM2775) Blue Topaz
(br - 5997 C) Larimar
(pt - 6718) Silver
(E18PS4824) Druzy
(E19BDRU4786) Ruby Zoisite
(er - 4842 G) Larimar
(B18LAR5807) Lemon Quartz
(E18MCS4822) Blue Topaz
(E18BT4805) Citrine
(R18CIT2766) Black Onyx
(br - 5856 C) Lapis lazuli
(S20LAP1024) Rainbow Moonstone
(ri - 2806 A) Green Amethyst
(E18GAPER4820) Montana Agate
(R19MOA2762) Sapphire quartz
(P17BQ6708) Kyanite
(P20KYA6692) Emerald Quartz
(pt - 6772 A) Jasper
(R19RJAS2912) Druzy
(R19ADRU2747) Aquamarine
(br - 5825) Blue Topaz
(ri - 2968 E) Pearls
(B18COPEA5799) Silver
(R18PS2798) Peridot
(B17PER5866) Citrine
(ri - 2968 D) Opal
(gt - 8945 A) Amethyst
(B18CIT5810) Citrine
(ri - 2814) Amethyst
(B17AM5866D) Biwa Pearl
(ne - 8932) Blue Topaz
(R18BT2791) Mookaite Jasper
(R19MJAS2746) Amethyst
(R18AM2787) Prehnite
(pt - 6874 E) Quartz Crystal
(ri - 2818) Ruby
(E18RUB4821) Druzy
(B18AM5797) Blue Lace Agate
(pt - 6780 H) Malachite
(ri - 2830 B) Tanzanite
(E17LQTAN4829) Smoky Quartz
(R18SQ2787) Lemon quartz
(ne - 8934 C) Turquoise
(B18GARTUR5804) Garnet
(B17GAR5866E) Pink moonstone
(R19PMS2736) Rose Quartz
(R17RQ2801) Montana Agate
(gt - 8936) Black Onyx
(ri - 2807 A) Crazy lace agate
(S20CLA1010) Black Onyx
(ri - 2830 C) Red Jasper
(pt - 6780 G) Tiger eye
(S20TE1017) Malachite
(ri - 2834 A) Turquoise
(ne - 8998 A) Dendrite Agate
(pt - 6874 F) Peridot
(R18PER2781) Emerald Quartz
(P17QU6707) Silver
(ri - 2803) Apatite
(E18GAPER4822) Tiger eye
(S20TE1018) Larimar
(E18LAR4803) Malachite
(R19MA2744) Rose Quartz
(E19ROQ4791) Amethyst
(ri - 2822) Tanzanite
(E18ROQTAN4822) Quartz Crystal
(pt - 6734) Peridot
(R18PER2789) Chalcedony
(pt - 6860 A) Apatite
(E19BA4789) Ocean Japer
(pt - 6763 B) Ruby Quartz
(P17RQ6711) Blue Topaz
(R18BT2781) Larimar
(B18LAR5805) Amethyst
(E19AM4791) Ruby quartz
(R20RQ2730) Rose Quartz
(S20ROQ1021) Quartz Crystal
(ri - 2811) Crystal
(R18CLA2786) Blue Topaz
(R18BT2774) Quartz Crystal
(ri - 2815) Blue Topaz
(br - 5996 D) Lemon Quartz
(B18LQ5796) Larimar
(pt - 6719) Montana Agate
(R19MOA2764) Lapis
(R19LAP2743) Bumble Bee Jasper
(R19BBJ2912) Black Onyx
(ri - 2806) Labradorite
(pt - 6763 E) Rose Quartz
(P18ROQ6705) Chalcedony
(pt - 6763 C) Amethyst
(ri - 2807 B) Blue Topaz
(R18BT2793) Lemon quartz
(B19LQ5781) Blue Topaz
(E18BTLAP4807) Blue Topaz
(R18BT2796) Smoky Quartz
(br - 5813) Semi precious gemstones
(R18MCS2794) Brecciated  Mookaite
(gt - 8938) Amethyst
(R18AM2789) Unakite
(pt - 6729 F) Rainbow Moonstone
(R20RMS2729) Black Onyx
(P18BO6705B) Semi precious gemstones
(R18MCS2793) Kyanite
(R20KYA2735) Malachite
(B18MA5851) Aventurine
(pt - 6728 G) Druzy
(E19BDRU4787) Green Amethyst
(E18GA4815) Aventurine
(pt - 6728 F) Seraphinite
(ri - 2829 G) Green Onyx
(pt - 6874 A) Peridot
(R18PER2796) Morganite
(E18BAMOR4822) Amethyst
(ne - 8934) Druzy
(B18DRUMOR5784) Rhodonite
(pt - 6780 F) Dichroic Glass
(P17CG6702) Copper Turquoise
(R19BCT2749) Rainbow Moonstone
(ri - 2805) Apatite
(E18CRTGA4822) Amethyst
(pt - 6728 A) Black Onyx
(ri - 2804 B) Lapis lazuli
(R20LAP2729) Black Onyx
(pt - 6860 C) Red Jasper
(pt - 6773 G) Malachite
(R16MA2829H) Lemon Quartz
(R18LQ2798) Obsdian
(P17SFO6714) Semi precious gemstones
(E18MCS4809) Garnet
(E19GAR4791) Rainbow Moonstone
(E18RMS4796) Unakite
(pt - 6728 C) Mystic topaz
(br - 5823) Black ONYX
(S20BO1026) Crazy lace agate
(S20CLA1013) Blue Topaz
(R18BT2785) Lemon Quartz
(E18LQSQ4800) Labrodorite
(B18AMLAB5809) Kyanite
(P20KYA6693) Sodalite
(R19SOD2738) Bumble bee jasper
(S20BBJ1015) Rainbow Moonstone
(R18RMS2789) Garnet
(R18GAR2780) Blue Topaz, Garnet
(B17BTGAR5866H) Citrine
(pt - 6781 A) Garnet
(R18GAR2785) Malachite
(P17MA6713) Smoky Quartz
(B18SQ5810) Aventurine
(pt - 6729 E) Rhodonite
(pt - 6882 I) Aventurine
(pt - 6729 B) Citrine
(R18CIT2770) Labradorite
(pt - 6860 E) Lapis
(pt - 6728 B) Citrine
(br - 5812) Tiger Eye
(pt - 6882 N) Smoky Quartz
(E18SQ4814) Blue Topaz
(R18BT2783) Morganite
(B18MOR5793) Garnet
(pt - 6748 B) Malachite
(E18MAPER4811) Ruby Quartz
(B18REQ5800) Labradorite
(P18LAB6720A) Chalcedony
(pt - 6780 A) Rose Quartz
(pt - 6716 B) Smoky Quartz
(R18SQ2786) Black Onyx
(br - 5875 D) Mookaite Jasper
(gt - 8937) Ocean Jasper
(R19OJ2912) Smoky Quartz
(E18SQ4798) Garnet
(E18GAR4813) Ruby Quartz
(S19REQ1029) Larimar
(pt - 6717) Labradorite
(pt - 6882 C) Labradorite
(pt - 6765 B) Amethyst
(R18AM2766) Amethyst
(B18GA5810) Tourmaline
(B18TRE5792) Bird eye jasper
(gt - 8933) Amethyst, Peridot
(B17AMPER5866F) Peridot
(R18PER2797) Carnelian
(pt - 6729 G) Lemon Quartz
(R17LQ2800) Rainbow Moonstone
(R18RMS2891) Rainbow Moonstone
(ri - 2827 B) Blue Topaz
(R18BT2784) Peridot
(B18PER5788) Black Onyx
(ri - 2805 B) Rose Quartz
(S20ROQ1022) Citrine
(R18CIT2769) Peridot
(br - 5997 D) Labradorite
(E18CITLAB4811) Bumble bee jasper
(S20BBJ1016) Amethyst
(E18AM4823) Unakite
(pt - 6741) Quartz Crystal
(br - 5811) Lapis
(pt - 6765 I) Amethyst
(R18AM2777) Labradorite
(E18LAB4795) Copper Turquoise
(R19PCT2749) Apatite
(B18BA5789) Amethyst
(pt - 6716) Opal
(gt - 8945) Labradorite
(E18LAB4793) Garnet
(R18GAR2767) Rainbow Moonstone
(ri - 2804 A) Tiger Eye
(pt - 6874 D) Quartz Crystal
(pt - 6716 A) Rainbow Moonstone
(pt - 6765 A) Lapis Lazuli
(ri - 2804) Lemon Quartz
(E18LQROQ4801) Tiger EYE
(pt - 6779 B) Copper Turquoise
(R20PCT2729) Lemon Quartz
(E18LQ4812) Bumble bee jasper
(R20BBJ2731) Malachite
(ri - 2828 C) Ruby Zoisite
(P17RZ6709) Aqua aura quartz
(R19AAQ2788) Bronzite
(pt - 6780 C) Citrine
(R18CIT2774) Labradorite
(E18LAB4794) Amethyst
(pt - 6750 B) Druzy
(R19DRU2765) Pink moonstone
(R20RMS2730) Rainbow Moonstone
(ri - 2807) Silver
(R18PS2794) Picture Jasper
(pt - 6828 N) Green Amethyst
(R18GA2773) Copper Turquoise
(gt - 8968) Brecciated Mookaite
(R19BMJ2741) Hessonite Garnet
(R18HGA2771) Silver
(E18PS4826) Amethyst
(er - 4848) Seraphinite
(R19SERA2756) Azurite
(R19AZU2739) Peridot
(E19PER4789) Lemon Quartz
(E17LQ4828) Moss Agate
(pt - 6765 D) Lapis
(ri - 2817) Garnet
(R18GAR2772) Larimar
(E18BTLAR4804) Smoky Quartz
(ri - 2816) Turquoise
(R20TUR2731) Chalcedony
(E18CHAL4806) Lapis lazuli
(ri - 2828 B) Ocean Jasper
(pt - 6739) Druzy
(B18APDRU5785) Malachite
(pt - 6735) Druzy
(R19DRU2761) Bumble bee jasper
(S20BBJ1014) Mystic Topaz
(pt - 6752) Blue Lace Agate
(E18BLA4792) Black Onyx
(pt - 6763 A) Tiger EYE
(pt - 6729 D) Pink Moonstone
(R20PRMS2729) Aventurine
(P18GAV6705A) Larimar
(B18LAR5806) Tiger eye
(S20TE1019) Turquoise
(er - 4876 C) Citrine
(ri - 2812) Lapis lazuli
(ri - 2820) Blue Topaz
(R18BT2782) Tiger EYE
(pt - 6763 F) Labradorite
(pt - 6721) Black Onyx
(ri - 2833 C) Ruby Zoisite
(er - 4844 C) Seraphinite
(gt - 8943) Lemon Quartz
(E19LQ4791) Tourmaline
(E18TRE4822) Rhodochrosite
(gt - 8934) Amethyst
(R18AM2778) Brecciated Mookaite
(pt - 6715) Quartz Crystal
(ne - 8934 A) Silver
(R18PS2799) Ruby
(E19REQ4791) Ruby
(B18RUB5794) Smoky Quartz
(ri - 2809) Lapis Lazuli
(ne - 8984 C) Semi precious gemstones
(E18MCS4810) Crystal
(B19CLA5773) Garnet
(R18GAR2778) Rainbow Moonstone
(E18RMS4818) Garnet
(R18GAR2799) Lapis
(pt - 6729 C) Moss Agate
(R20MA2729) Amethyst
(B18AM5810) Kyanite
(gt - 8939) Tiger EYE
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